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Helmholtz Fonds e.V.

Helmholtz Fonds e.V. is a prominent research funding organization based in Germany. Established with the aim of promoting scientific excellence and innovation, the Helmholtz Fonds provides financial support to researchers and research projects across a wide range of disciplines. Named after the renowned physicist and physician Hermann von Helmholtz, the organization is committed to advancing knowledge and addressing societal challenges through rigorous scientific inquiry. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering emerging talent, Helmholtz Fonds e.V. plays a vital role in driving scientific progress and contributing to the advancement of society as a whole.

Helmholtz Prize 2024


This year, the Helmholtz Prize will be awarded for extraordinary achievement in the field of precision measurement in the following two categories:

  1. Precision measurements in fundamental research in the fields of physics, chemistry and medicine.
  2. Precision measurements in applied metrology in the fields of physics, chemistry and medicine.

For each category, the prize consists of a certificate and €20,000.



Papers documenting projects which have taken place in Europe or in collaboration with scientists from Germany may be submitted. They should be written by the person(s) submitting them and have been completed recently. Both published and unpublished papers may be submitted. The same rules apply to the presentation and scope of the manuscripts as for the composition of scientific articles. Manuscripts may be written in German or English. English versions must contain a German title and abstract.

The documents listed below must be included with every application (PDF files):

  • Manuscript of the paper, including an abstract
  • CV(s) of the applicant(s)
  • List of publications of all applicants 

The Helmholtz Fund promotes the professional equality of women and men and is thus especially interested in receiving applications from women as well.


Applications must be submitted electronically by 31st January 2024 via the online submission website, only.

Helmholtz Fonds - Membership

Using synergies

The members of the Helmholtz Fund share a passion that is both socially and economically significant: precise, reliable measurements – metrology at the limit of what is measurable! The Helmholtz Fund offers a unique platform to advance the art of metrology, to expand knowledge and competences and to continuously improve products. We exchange views, learn from one another and use synergies. We award our prizes to commend top achievements and to create a public image that benefits not only the Fund as a whole but also each member individually.

As goes without saying, we are very pleased to welcome new members. After all, the greater the number of people and companies involved in the Helmholtz Fund, the more we can achieve and be of use to society with better and better precision measurements – fully in the spirit of our namesake.

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Denz, Chair of the Helmholtz Fund



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